Saving myself to save the world

The following piece of writing flew out of me with a strange urgency one morning a few months ago, following an intense dream. Today my heart feels utterly wide open and I feel so very connected to every single being, so grateful for this human existence and have so much love in my heart that I don’t know what to do with it! And, for some reason, sharing this feels like a good channel for this love I’m feeling… 🙂 I hope it brings you some inspiration today.

Today I want to save the world,
To thwart the dark with my searing light,
To cast the evil ones off the planet,
To throw up my fist in victory.

Then I stop and remember.
Such thoughts are what brought us to this.
We cannot fight separation with separation.
In fact, we cannot fight at all.

So what can we do?

We can remember everyone’s searing light.
We can connect our hearts.
We can grow compassion for those who suffer, including ourselves.
We can accept and honour the dark as part of creation
But we can surge our own light to bring back balance.
We can move from head to heart, from thinking to feeling.
We can drop our arrogance of thinking we know anything.
Instead we can feel our way into the moment.
We can go inwards not outwards and break down our walls.
The love in our heart is our weapon,
The peace that we crave is our strategy.
We can remember that we are all precious children of our great mother
And she longs for us to return to her.
She needs us now, more than ever, and we need her too.
We can honour every being as an integral part of the whole,
None more or less important than another.
We can divert our attention from fear and separation to love and connection.
We can reclaim our power, our infinite power.
We can release our fears and turn them to love.
We can shed the illusions of shame and depravity.
We can bring sexuality back into the divine realms, its rightful place.
We can turn off our TVs and reclaim our choice.
We can honour our bodies as precious vehicles of our soul.
We can bring back the goddess energy.
We can take responsibility to balance our male and female energies
And to integrate our polarity of light and dark.
We can honour the divine masculine and divine feminine in ourselves and each other.
We can allow and explore our emotions.
We can set our beliefs aside and revel in the sweet relief of a child’s mind.
We can look each other in the eye and smile from our heart.
We can find the courage to speak our deepest truths – our joys, our pains.
We can invest time in knowing, healing and loving ourselves.

Today I want to save the world.
So I remind myself how much love I have,
For myself, my human brothers and sisters,
My great mother earth, my father sky
And my infinite cosmic family.
Today I remember that we are all one.
And, in so doing, I save myself.




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