Quinta da Pomba

Quinta da Pomba is my home, where I live with my partner, Trevor, our two crazy dogs and psychotic but beloved cat. It’s a 5 hectare piece of land in a stunning valley in the mountains of Northern Portugal and a very special place indeed. We see our life on the land as a living land experiment that aims to demonstrate alternative ways of living, including low-impact building techniques using natural materials, creation of a food forest, veggie gardening and use of sustainable off-grid energy where possible. The outer activity on the land is matched by a strong focus on inner work, particularly through a commitment to the embodiment practices of yoga, tai chi and chi gong. Community is at the heart of what we do here, and living a simple, natural, healthy and grounded life full of connection, music and laughter is what lights us up. In this blog I aim to share what we are up to, in the hope it offers inspiration to others who wish to explore a simple, grounded lifestyle that co-creates with nature.

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