Quinta da Pomba

Quinta da Pomba is my home, where I live with my partner, Trevor, our two crazy dogs and psychotic but beloved cat. It’s a 5 hectare piece of land in a stunning valley in the mountains of Northern Portugal and a very special place indeed. We see our life on the land as a living land experiment that aims to demonstrate alternative ways of living, including low-impact building techniques using natural materials, creation of a food forest, organic veggie gardening and use of sustainable off-grid energy where possible. The outer activity on the land is matched by a strong focus on inner work, particularly through a commitment to the embodiment practices of yoga, tai chi and chi gong. Community is at the heart of what we do here, and living a simple, natural, healthy and grounded life full of connection, music and laughter is what lights us up. We enjoy sharing our land with others that feel drawn to be here, and witnessing the healing and transformation that occurs in our guests is the best feeling in the world… 🙂

We have a beautiful Roundhouse for community and group events, including yoga, tai chi and conscious dance events. You can also find chanting, creative writing and regular music nights on our land, amongst many other offerings.

If you feel drawn to visit, please get in touch for more details (beckymay283@gmail.com). Your accommodation will be a cosy caravan and the exchange will be part money and part work on the farm, which could be anything from land work such as strimming, raking or tree care, assistance with building projects, helping in the garden, cooking meals or harvesting and processing produce.

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