The seed awakens

As winter slowly turns to spring, I feel my energy begin to build again, after its long period of rest and introspection. I can feel the shift towards the new beginnings of spring, even through the snowy vistas – like the flowers and trees and animals, I know this icy blast from the east is but a blip; nothing can stop the return of the sun now! It’s a good feeling… πŸ™‚

It still continues to be a strange, transitional time for me, and I’ve just been trying to go with the flow, trusting it’ll all make sense at some point – things always do when you look back, even if it’s many, many years later! It’s felt very much like a period of waiting, and I’ve trusted in this, taking my cue from nature, heartened by its peaceful, steady wintry quietness; nature has the wisdom to enjoy a well-earned rest before the next period of growth begins. We need these times of reflection, rest and peace. It is in the void and the darkness that we formulate new creations. And, although it may appear quiet above the ground, in the hard winter soil there’s a lot of ground-work being laid ready for spring!

So, as my own energy shifts mode along with the rest of nature, I can feel a faint sense of something more tangible on the horizon; a creative project, something to really put my energy into and create. I think the time is drawing nigh to finally make one of my long-held dreams come true – to put down some roots and create my own beautiful, peaceful home and yoga space, that I share willingly with others. A place where the land is lovingly stewarded for future generations, where all species, including our own of course, feel welcome and nurtured, where laughter and heartfelt connection abound, where all feel encouraged to share their gifts; a place to explore, learn from each other, heal and flourish.

Already, by putting these words out there, I feel the dream begin to gain form. I have written such visions and dreams in endless journal entries but, to my knowledge, have never before put it ‘out there’, to be witnessed/read by others. It’s a first baby-step towards making it real. And, the thing is, I totally know and trust it will happen, just when the timing is right. It’s a deep knowing within me. I don’t claim to know the details – and I’ve learnt this is OK.

So, I don’t yet know how or when or where it will happen. But I sense the seed, which was sown many moons ago, finally putting out willing shoots after its long dormancy whilst it nourished itself in the soil of creative potential. Now it’s finally ready to burst into the light of realised creativity – these things can’t be rushed! So, all I can say is watch this space, and I will do all I can to make it the most beautiful, warm, welcoming and healing space possible. I do hope you’ll join me there, when the seed finally blossoms into fullness… πŸ™‚

new shoot

3 thoughts on “The seed awakens

  1. This was such a well-written, visual post. I hope that you continue to water your seed(s) and give them all the nourishment they need to grow. I can tell that there are great things in store for you.

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