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Due to the virus, most of my public classes are held online via Zoom platform at the moment. However, I teach a regular weekly class from a beautiful studio next door to my home in Portugal, and hope to build this up to a weekly schedule soon.

Weekly mixed ability in-person yoga class, every Saturday 9:30-11am. The price is £10 with a discounted option of £5 for those on lower incomes.
At the Roundhouse, Vale of the Stars

Weekly mixed ability in-person yoga class, every Thursday 10-11:30am. The price is £10 with a discounted option of £5 for those on lower incomes.
At the Roundhouse, Vale of the Stars

To join any of the Zoom classes listed below please email me at and I will send you the link to the session(s) that you wish to join and further details regarding payment and how it works.

Zoom mixed ability yoga classes offered online every Monday, 7-8:15pm. The price is £7 per person (£5 discounted option for those on lower incomes).
This class is open to all – plenty of options are always offered, in order to cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Most classes focus on a particular theme, for example twists, back-bending, opening the side body, intelligent use of core muscles etc. And in each class we focus on conscious, full breathing and we always finish with a relaxation in corpse pose.

Healing With The Moon – monthly online yin yoga and yoga nidra classes
Working with the lunar cycle is a powerful tool for healing and transformation, not least by helping us remember to look up into the night sky and know we are part of something much greater than our minds can comprehend! And this knowing that we are supported by the powers of nature can be a really helpful resource – we are never alone. As such, I offer monthly themed yoga classes around the full moon and new moon – see below for details of these classes.

Monthly Zoom yin yoga class – offered on the Friday closest to full moon, 7:30-9pm. Next scheduled dates: 17th December 2021, 14th Janury 2022.
Price is £10.

It is well documented that the full moon leads to heightened emotions and energy for most of us and this makes total sense to me. The moon’s gravitational pull has the ability to move our planet’s mighty oceans, so it can of course move us watery beings too (we are composed of around 70% water). So, traditionally, at this time of the month, a calming yoga practice is recommended, to foster relaxation and mindfulness of whatever emotions are arising. I therefore run a 90 minute monthly class each Friday closest to the full moon with the aim of helping you to release excess energy, stress, unhelpful emotions and tension, which can all be more present at this time. We use the meditative practice of yin yoga to sit with whatever wishes to arise within us, and breathe it out, sending it on its way, like the waves of the ocean.

Yin yoga adopts a ‘less is more’ approach of surrender, stillness, acceptance and self-compassionate presence. We use various props to support ourselves in the postures and we hold the postures for longer (usually between 3-5 minutes). The emphasis is on ‘process’ rather than ‘outcome’; we are not striving to be anywhere else than where we are in each posture, without effort and straining but rather with complete acceptance and surrender.

To help you relax, it’s great if you can have blankets and cushions to hand at home, plus any yoga props you have, so you can make yourself as comfortable as possible in the longer holds/guided relaxation. And a yoga bolster is an amazing luxury too if you have one, but not essential.

Monthly Zoom yoga nidra class – offered on the Wednesday closest to new moon, 7:30-8:30pm.
Next scheduled dates: 29th December 2021, 2nd February 2022.
Price is £6.

The new moon is a potent time for releasing what you’re ready to let go of and planting seeds of intention for what you’d like to bring into your life. To support this process, I offer a monthly yoga nidra class. Yoga nidra means ‘sleep of the yogis’ and is a specially designed guided relaxation process, which takes you into a deeply relaxed state akin to the deep, dreamless sleep state, where the body thinks it’s asleep but the mind remains utterly alert. This state of consciousness (called the ‘hypnagogic state’) is fertile ground for planting new ideas into the sub-conscious, which positively serve you so that, over time, you are no longer controlled by unhelpful patterns arising from the sub-conscious. It’s been proven to be an amazing way to positively change your life – for example by releasing old patterns of trauma-relating reactivity, addictions, accelerating healing, enabling forgiveness, learning new skills and much more – it’s fascinating stuff. And, if nothing else, it’s incredibly relaxing and only half an hour of practice is said to offer the same restorative benefits as a few hours of good quality sleep.

In the class we will begin with some very gentle stretches and breathing exercises to fully enter the body and prepare ourselves for moving into yoga nidra during the second half of the class – the yoga nidra practice usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes. You will need a quiet, warm space where you won’t be disturbed. Blankets and cushions are a great support for the yoga nidra practice, to ensure you are super comfy and cosy.

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