Expanding into sparseness

Today I woke to the monochrome beauty of a snowy morning and felt my usual childlike excitement at the world having changed so dramatically whilst we slept. I pestered my partner into wakefulness and soon we were striding through the cold air, red-cheeked and puffing steam from our mouths. We stopped and stood for aContinue reading “Expanding into sparseness”

Bringing the yamas into daily life

This summer I’ve been running monthly workshops to delve a little deeper into the subject of yoga.  The theme of the workshop series has been the ‘yamas’ – the code of good personal ethics set out by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras text, which form the first limb of the eight limbs of yoga.  AlongContinue reading “Bringing the yamas into daily life”

Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)

I’ve just returned from another wonderful yoga retreat week in Turkey, where I was once more struck by the magic of what occurs on these yoga weeks.  I’ve taught many week-long yoga retreats now, and my favourite thing is always watching the group members gradually relax, unwind, unfurl and blossom through the week, as theyContinue reading “Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)”


Well, it has definitely happened. India has well and truly got under my skin, despite myself… Since Chris left I’ve felt pretty introspective, as though I’m trying to process all the things that have happened to me over the last crazy five months. Something has definitely shifted. I’ve been fighting surrender for so long, clingingContinue reading “Surrender”

Hot fuzz

Last night I slept really badly due to a combination of the sauna-like heat of our rooftop apartment as the temperature creeps upwards every day, a pack of howling, fighting dogs outside and at least one hungry mossie. After hours of tossing and turning, I stumbled to class bleary-eyed, bracing myself for an unpleasant Mysore practice. However, strangely,Continue reading “Hot fuzz”

Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey

This weekend I attended the follow-up to Ken the Rolfer’s initial Experiential Anatomy course and it was just as inspiring and illuminating as the first one. I could listen to Ken talk for hours. His slow, relaxed drawl belies a fiercely sharp mind and fathomless depths of knowledge and experience. When his steady gaze meets mine asContinue reading “Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey”

Brain freeze with BKS Iyengar

Our new apartment is just round the corner from the famous ‘chocolate man’, a Gokulum institution of legendary proportions who has been meeting the international yoga community’s wild and wonderful dietary needs for years from his tardis-like corner shop. As well as all kinds of trendy health-foods such as almond milk, organic granola, quinoa etc, he also sells aContinue reading “Brain freeze with BKS Iyengar”

Losing attachment

This morning Sharath adjusted me in dropbacks again, and the tip of one my fingers brushed the back of my heel. Progress. When I came back up, he said to one of the adjusters hovering nearby, ‘She has finished full primary now.’ The adjuster nodded and gave me a small smile. I felt a thrilling tingleContinue reading “Losing attachment”

Lessons learned – an essay on anger and guilt

I’ve just returned to Mysore from Rajasthan, ‘up north’ – like back home, it’s significantly more chilly up there! So, I’ve said on here before that I feel like India is teaching me all kinds of lessons, and not necessarily the ones I expected – well, last week was no different. You may have noticed I’ve beenContinue reading “Lessons learned – an essay on anger and guilt”

Body prodding and Happy Sankranti

Oh dear, I did it. I called Ken the Rolfer ‘Rolf” to his face by accident, in a Fawlty Towers ‘don’t mention the war’ stylee. Oops… Still, he was very cool about it: “Oh it’s fine, I spent four months being called Rolf in Indonesia – they just didn’t get it.” What a dude. Ken theContinue reading “Body prodding and Happy Sankranti”