What is it all about?

The title of this post was a question I posed to myself today. I have recently returned to the midlands after a year in the Scottish Highlands followed by four months travelling around Mexico. I’m back, and I’m ready to delve back into teaching, sharing, serving my community. My aim is always to inspire and empower as best I can, by sharing my own journey with as much authenticity as I can muster. So, it’s important to me that my next chapter of teaching reflects my current truths. For the last few years a burning passion has been growing within me, which calls me to dedicate my energy to assisting humanity, our great mother Earth, the beautiful plants and animals that we share this magnificent planet with, and our star-family in the mysterious skies above, as we all together go through what feels to me like a major evolutionary shift. And this feels like quite a new chapter of teaching for me, a bit of a leap of faith, and I’m not entirely sure what it looks like yet. I guess I just need to start and trust that the path will unfold before me with ease, as long as I follow my truth.

So, today I’ve been brainstorming about what it is that burns within me that I need to give voice to and share. Hence my question, ‘What is it all about?’. In the end, as is often the case, I just started writing and my fingers flew, almost as if someone else was directing them (a wiser part of my mysterious self I like to think…). The following free-form paragraph is what emerged, and I guess it answers the question nicely, if not succintly… 😉

It’s about a planetary upliftment of consciousness. A move from the head into the heart (the longest journey). It’s about evolving through our emotions, through releasing illusions and allowing energy to flow through us as it’s meant to. It’s about remembering that we are mind, body and spirit. It’s about transmuting fears to love, about empowerment. It’s about bringing back the magic and mystery and deep meaning of life. Honouring our innate intuitive, ‘mystical’ abilities. Coming back to wholeness, acknowledging ourselves as spiritual beings temporarily housed in human bodies. Roots down, branches up. It’s about celebrating each other and our wonderful planet, great mother Earth. It’s about looking up to the stars and knowing that’s where we came from. It’s about bringing all of this together inside of our bodies, in recognition of the walking miracles and mysteries that we are. It’s about putting our hands on the earth, fingers in the soil, yet opening up to our stellar origins. It’s about remembering that everything is interconnected, we really are all one. It’s about connection not separation, (re-)union not division. It’s about liberation and expansion. It’s about love, laughter, joy, creativity, beauty, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, awe, innocence, wonder and play. It’s about respecting truth, authenticity and integrity. It’s about celebrating diversity rather than denigrating others. It’s about balancing all the voices within us until we come back to the simple authenticity of our heart-voice in all areas of our life. It’s about expressing our uniqueness within the oneness, following our bliss and shining our magnificent light onto the planet. It’s about knowing that no one life is more or less important than another – each of us is irreplaceable, an essential thread in the tapestry of creation. It’s about knowing we are exactly where we need to be, yet never ceasing to polish the infinite facets of our being; accepting ourselves unconditionally in each moment yet striving to learn and grown from every experience that we have. It’s about healing our wounds, reaching a hand of love into the deepest nooks of our inner-world and into the hands of others. It’s about finding our tribe, our soul family who make our spirit soar, whilst knowing that all we ever need lies within us. It’s about recognising that everything is energy, everything is consciousness, everything is vibration, and we have the power to direct our lives and indeed do so in each moment, with each thought, word and deed. It’s about all of this, and more.



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