Sign of the times

It’s late and I can feel the soporific stodge of chapattis and the guilty warmth of red wine swilling around my stomach (we’re just back from a leaving do). Bed is looking veeery comfortable right now.

I had big intentions to write up today’s shala conference notes and perhaps provide a few gems from the advanced experiential anatomy course I’m currently on. However, this clearly isn’t going to happen – these days one third of a glass of wine is enough to cease coordination in my fingers…

So instead, I will fall back on this cache of weird and wonderful signs that I’ve noticed and photographed during my time here. Enjoy… Zzzzzzz… 🙂

P1020189 No one was paying any attention to this – possibly the noisiest room ever.

P1020198   Female chucky  dolls only (target audience).

P1020197 Again, just a bizarre sign for the loo.

P1020221 Bit faint, but it clearly says that you can take your elephant on the train for 60 quid.

 National pride.

P1020080 Interesting way to sell food.

P1020358 Putting us pesky humans in our place.

P1020383 As if you would?!

P1020748 Main Beach, Gokarna – one of the busiest bathing beaches in the area.

P1020706 Pretty sure what I won’t be ordering…

P1020261 One word: futile.

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