Home Alone 2

So, Chris has left again to complete the second (mahoosive) leg of his moped trip through India – this time he has around 2500 km to cover up to Delhi rather than the 600 km covered on the first leg, gulp. He reckons it will take him between 8 and 10 weeks. So I am home alone once more and, as is usually the case, the sequel is way more rubbish than the original. 😦

Still, I am determined to use this precious time out here as wisely as possible. Being alone again means I can once more delve inwards and follow a more introspective path, without worrying about being boring and antisocial. So, my proposed daily schedule runs like this:

  • Get up at a fairly civilised 7am.
  • 40 mins seated meditation.
  • Morning coffee (the black sheep of an otherwise sickeningly virtuous list, but it’s a treasured morning ritual that I can’t face breaking just yet – gotta have some kind of vice, surely…)
  • 9am-11am – asana with Masterji (try and allow it to be a moving meditation).
  • 11am-12:30pm – pranayama with Masterji (try to just focus on the breath).
  • Go for coconut, wash, do chores, then source lunch and try and eat with others so I don’t become a complete social recluse!
  • Lock myself in my room, try and hide any possible distractions (goodbye facebook, dear, duplicitous friend) and grapple with my amazing ability to procrastinate as I attempt to actually complete some of the many, many writing projects I have started over the years – THIS IS THE TIME!
  • 4-5:30pm – yin yoga class or my own gentle stretching (alternate days)
  • Wash and give myself a reiki treatment (another opportunity for 45 mins meditation)
  • 7pm-ish – dinner – make sure I socialise!
  • Do more writing if inspired, otherwise chill out, attempt to read some of the many yoga books I have been meaning to read for ages (but more likely download an easy read onto my kindle).
  • In bed by 9pm and treat myself to reading something a bit trashy to relax my brain before sleep.

Rock and roll, huh?

But… is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to this?! It is a rarity in life to have the time and space to follow such a self-indulgent programme each day, and I am interested to see where it will lead. It is for this gift of time that my feet barely touched the ground last summer as I attempted to fit twelve months’ work into six months and that I lived in a caravan to save the pennies. So, here we go – I’m going in…! My hope is that my mind will quieten somewhat, such that I’ll be simply in the present more, feel calmer and be more able to tap into my intuition and know my own truth – get to know myself a bit better, you might say.

Instead of constantly living in my head and trying to find answers to impossible questions, I would like to offer my brain a chance to relax through meditation. I am also hoping that, by calming my mind, I will be less easily distracted and more able to focus on finishing my various writing projects – something I admit I am terrible at, no doubt due to a deep-seated fear that the finished result will be a pile of crap. So the blog may suffer over the next two months but, conversely, it may well become one of my main sources of procrastination, in which case possibly expect multiple posts per day!

See you on the other side… 😉 x

6 thoughts on “Home Alone 2

  1. Go Becky. Such a rare and precious gift of time and you made it happen. Looking forward to reading the result (no pressure!). Enjoy it. Amy 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Amy – so far so good, although just found myself on facebook again, oops…! 😉 Hope you’re well – look forward to catching up in a few months… xx

  2. Really love ready your blogs Becky, total inspiration and something I loo forward to when I see it pop up in my news feed. Total admiration for what you are doing, you really do have a true gift of writing from the heart and telling it how it is, very honest and very readable. Selfishly I’m hoping for more blog posts during the next 2 months!!!

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