Christmas presence in the mountains

This is just a little post to say that I haven’t forgotten about my blog – Chris returned from the first leg of his travels last week (safe and well) and I decided to prioritise spending time together rather than doing yoga or writing, both of which I have realised are inherently very antisocial activities! We’ve enjoyed an Indian Christmas (we even found turkey and half a sprout) and tomorrow we’re renting a Royal Enfield motorbike and heading off on a road trip into the mountains, back in time for new year. I can’t WAIT to leave the manic honking and smog behind for a few days… 🙂

My body is also ready for a break – I’ve been suffering from mysterious shooting pains in my lower back recently, and having my usual tearful confrontations with kapotasana, so it’s been a bit heavy, and some rest and nature therapy is just what the doctor ordered. I feel a tiny bit of a lightweight taking a break already but life is all about balance and I need to escape the yoga bubble for a while. My busy head is in over-drive at the moment, trying to work out all kinds of quandaries – my place in yoga, the place of yoga in me… If yoga is all about stilling the fluctuations of the mind then there’s a weird irony going on as my mental and emotional fluctuations have been spiking big-time since my arrival in Mysore! I keep telling myself it’s all part of the process but, nevertheless, when I start torturing myself with self-critical philosophical musings, I know it’s time to have a change of scene and find tranquility in nature’s industry; always my balm of choice.

So, rather than viewing my world through a blogger’s filter over the next few days, I have decided to try and be fully present during our road trip – seeking out peace and quiet and enjoying each minute as it happens, rather than thinking about how best to describe the experiences I’m having. I am still taking my notepad and pen with me though – it seems I am an incurable writing addict at heart… 😉

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