A cosmic orgasm bursting out of my pen

Sometimes I connect with a higher part of myself and free write. Sometimes the results astound me. This was one of those times – the pen flew and joy and wonder bubbled up within me in an explosion of poetic prose; I was crying by the end of it. Despite it feeling quite vulnerable to do so, I thought I’d share it verbatim here, as mostly I don’t, and these precious reams just gather dust beneath my bed – I hope it sparks some joy and remembering into your day, as it did mine that day… 🙂

“Would you like to go beyond words, Becky?”

“I would love that. Please show me how.”

“Out of stillness comes vibratory awareness. Let the words flow effortlessly from this place. That’s how you go beyond words. The words remain. They must do to serve you in this realm of slower vibration. Yet from this deeper place of awareness they are no longer your master. The effort to find the words is much reduced. More heart-language, less mind. Indeed, this is the source of poetry. It is why poetry is most often used to express the deeper truths. Mind language alone is not equipped.

Yet, like in every aspect of existence, there is a sweet-spot of equilibrium. In this case, call it poetic prose; the harmonious blending of the masculine and feminine. Out of chaos comes structure and order, a linear trajectory that others can follow. For all its sublime beauty, poetry does not create maps. It creates an expression of the destination perhaps, and can inspire others to embark on a journey. But it does not show the way.

You have an opportunity, Becky. Indeed, words are your song. Find that sweet-spot, as you are doing now, to apply a rationale to the circling beauty of heart-language. From the circle is created the spiral of evolution, once the linear trajectory pierces its void. Magic of creation, both are needed. But, be sure, it begins with stillness; a quiet waiting, of being open to receive, of humbly surrendering, trusting in the benevolent force of love that ignites all creation. Trust in both the process and the impetus and this will lead you to your destiny.

A glittering destiny, Becky. It is written in the stars, you have waited eons for this. In partnership, yes. For what is true on one level is true on all levels. The melding of the masculine and feminine must happen within and without, and at all scales. Move towards beauty, harmony and love, always. But masculine must wait patiently for feminine to receive. At that moment fireworks erupt and both heaven and hell are let loose. Male and female come together in an explosion of creation, a riotous spectrum of colour, vivid life. Love in both action and inaction. Poetry in motion. Find freedom of expression. Bust through expectations. Write for God alone. Then, to make the maps, mind hones and tweaks in deep reverence and respect of the chaos of the process. Structure is gently applied. A way out of the sublime darkness is revealed.

Words are your destiny. You feel the truth of that flip inside your womb. Yes, it is the only way to truly represent Gaia. She doesn’t use words to communicate, she uses sensation and emotion. So your words must come as close to this as possible. How? By deep stillness, by deep listening, by deep communion, deep reverence and deep trust. Feel how freeing and liberating this is. You have longed for this. The ancient wisdom from the beginning of time spiralling up through your body, a cosmic orgasm bursting out of your pen. Yes, it is deeply emotional, Becky. It’s a long-awaited reunion – a remembering of your deepest essence. Oceans of memory are within you. Plumb the depths, bring it all to the surface. Now is the time, your voice counts. Write of the beauty that we walk upon and among. Words can bring us back to the vibratory space beyond words. All good stories begin and end with a conundrum. Leave them wanting more. The time has come to spool whale-song across the lands, to trigger salty knowing of our roots, of our ancestors. From watery depths we became solid. We trusted our feet, now we must trust our hearts again. We learnt to switch our atmosphere, our very life-force. We can do it again. The journey back from matter to liquid to air to vibration to void. Back to stillness, back to listening. And then another breath. And we begin again.”

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