Turning fear to love

Leading up to and since the EU referendum, there has been a great deal of fear swirling around the UK, as well as anger and sadness, both of which are fear by another name.  There are also so many words and opinions swirling about that, until now, I’ve decided not to enter the fray. But, given the huge bias towards fear in the words I’ve read of late, I feel I would like to give a voice to the other side of the fence, which is love.

My feelings are that, when it comes down to it, we have two choices: to act from fear or to act from love. Really, it’s that simple – there are only these two motives for all our thoughts, words and actions, which lie as the bedrock of all the other ‘motivations’ we may dream up with our minds. And the two cannot simultaneously coexist within us. So every time we feel fear, we displace love. But the good news is that love is by far the more powerful force of the two and indeed it is our natural state – we just need to allow it to blossom.

So, I urge you today, and indeed every day: whenever you feel that horrible sense of sickening fear, sadness or anger rise up inside you, try observing and changing whatever thoughts are passing through your mind to a thought that stems from love – simply think of someone you love or something you love, and keep thinking about it, in great detail, until the sickness recedes and the soothing, empowering balm of love rises to take its place.

To me, it feels like this simple exercise could be how we change the world – one thought at a time. And gradually we will realise the huge power we have inside of us; the power of our natural state, of love. And we will no longer limit our potential through fear. And right now feels like the perfect time of transition to give this experiment a go – what do you have to lose, except fear? 😉

PS As a case study, my own fears today have been focused on dreading putting this article into the public domain to be judged, as this taps into my own deep-seated fears relating to rejection, the need for approval, care of what others think of me etc. So, I decided to change these tired old fearful demons to thoughts about how much I love this beautiful, crazy planet and how we are all such amazing miracles, desperately trying and needing to shine the true light of our loving souls onto each other and the world. And so, love prevailed, I manned up, and here is the truth that I feel deep in my core – and I know it will resonate with each of you too on some level, because the message carries the frequency of love, which is what we all are deep down, in our heart and soul.

Have a lovely day, beautiful people… 🙂


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