Moving in, moving on

Today is a moon day, so no practice. I wasn’t quite ready for a day off, after yesterday’s great experience, but I’ll certainly take it – after over four months of intensive yoga practice here, I’ve learnt that any proffered day off should be embraced with open arms!

It’s been a funny old day – the weather has been muggy and sultry, with billowing storm clouds an ever-present threat in the sky. People keep saying how unseasonal the daily rain we’re experiencing is. It seems to make everyone lethargic. sleepy, irritable even. Chris and I, in our limbo state between digs, have certainly been swirling around in a listless fug, randomly planning activities only to then forget about them or find we lack the motivation to get off our bums and go outside.

But this evening our limbo finally ended. We rounded up all our belongings from various holding stations and, after a period of horror at quite how much junk we’ve accumulated, we summoned the energy to shift all the bags to our new apartment in Gokulum, which is a very swanky area of wealthy suburbia where the shala is located.

In Gokulum, the noisy chaos of India fades to a gentle hum and instead you find quiet residential roads lined with swaying palms and huge, luxurious villas. Children play cricket politely in the street, well-fed dogs wearing collars bark good-naturedly as you pass, westerners stroll around in yoga wear supping coconuts and carrying cloth bags full of goodies from the organic store, rich Indian women in opulent saris light up the pavements with jewel colours. It’s like ‘India-lite’ and, to be honest, a welcome haven of serenity for our last month. I’m seeing it as a useful transition period before heading back to squeaky-clean Blighty.

But best of all is our address: we’re just 4 mins walk from the shala (I timed it) and our official address is ‘The Penthouse, Rashinka Mansion’. As Chris says, we’re clearly social climbers… 😉

P1020847 Settling in at our lovely new apartment – unusually IKEA-esque for India with its open-plan chic…;)

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