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Remembering Our Place in Nature – Online Yoga Workshop Series

Throughout the year I offer Sunday morning yoga ‘workshops’ via Zoom platform at certain key dates in nature’s calendar, to help us re-attune to our innate, natural wisdom and remember our place in the interconnected web of life. Focusing on what unites us rather than separates us and reconnecting deeply to nature both feel really important to me at this time.

The online workshops are really just extended 2.5 hour classes, to give us more time to go a bit more deeply into some relevant aspect of yoga philosophy/theme and have more time for the more subtle practices such as breath-work and meditation practices, as well as the physical postures. We also take a little tea/pee break half-way through.

To join any of these Zoom sessions please email me at and I will send you the link to the session(s) that you wish to join and further details regarding payment and how it works.

The price of each session is £25 but I also offer discounts for those on lower incomes (£20 and £15). Please pay what you can honestly afford and all is received gratefully.

Here are the remaining dates for 2021, with the themes for the workshops outlined.

Sunday 26th September – Autumn Equinox, 9-11:30am
Theme: Stillness

At this time of equipoise and balance in nature’s calendar, we will use our practice to find the stillness within our movement and the movement within our stillness. Expect a balance between active, flowing posture work and contemplative stillness through meditation and conscious breathing techniques.

Sunday 31st October – Samhain, 9-11:30am
Theme: Renewal

At this time of year the darkness is growing and we are called to go within, become still and rest. This is the wisdom of composting and renewal – in the dark, still places, all that we are ready to shed is given back to the earth to be transformed into something more aligned and self-serving. Expect an introspective practice, that celebrates the gifts of the darkness through guided relaxation and restful postures.

Sunday 19th December – Winter Solstice, 9-11:30am
Theme: Clarity

At the winter solstice the daylight is at its shortest and we have plenty of time in darkness to rest and reflect. But have you ever noticed the heightened clarity of the air on a clear, winter’s day? We might not get so much time in the light at this time of year, but the light often has an intense, amplified quality to it, which can help us see more clearly in areas of our life that have felt confused and unclear. We will use our practice to reflect on unclear aspects of our lives and find the way through by shining our own light of awareness onto them, in full clarity.

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