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Am I the right person for you to work with?

I'm not a fan of labels, but sometimes they are useful. I am what you might call an 'empath' or a 'highly sensitive person', in that I am particularly attuned to other people's emotions and energy patterns. For example, someone can be telling me something, but I can feel a deeper 'truth' from reading their emotions, which is completely at odds with the overlying story. I don't believe this skill is anything mystical or unusual, rather I believe it's an innate part of being human that we all possess, but for some people it's their speciality or 'gift', just as for other people their gift might be mathematical reasoning or their ability to get things done. What this means in terms of working with me one-to-one, especially if we work together regularly, is that I will soon be able to see through your 'stories' and, when I feel it's necessary, I will be your mirror and will reflect back to you the 'truth' that I am feeling behind your words, to help you release stories that are not serving you. Often this can be challenging information to receive, but I will always do my utmost to simply reflect back to you what you already know yourself deep down, in the most respectful and kind way that I can. My intention is always to get my own ego out of the way and to simply facilitate your own innate healing capacity and self-understanding, and I follow my intuition as to whether you are ready to 'hear' me or not. If a particular story keeps coming up, it's usually a sign that you are ready to release this, and that's why we have been brought together at this time. I believe passionately in the immense power of honesty - it takes great courage, both from me and you, to enter such a relationship, but the results are invariably astounding if we are able to go there together.


Also, sometimes I might work in unexpected ways that are likely to surprise me as well as you - I am very down-to-earth and most of what we discuss will be very practical and grounded. However, I do also work with spiritual guidance that comes through me at times. If this happens, I always trust it and run with it, so just be aware that this could happen - e.g. I might have a guided message for you that comes through, or be guided to do something in particular with you that might seem a little unconventional - but it will never be anything you are not ready for. From my experience, when I trust this, it always leads to a deep healing, which is often a very profound experience for both of us.


If you feel drawn to work with me or have any further questions, please get in touch and I look forward to working with you soon.

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Mind Body Spirit Mentoring

These mentoring sessions are for you if you are embarking upon or are already on a healing journey and need help or support with this, if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, either consciously or spontaneously, and need support, if you are trying to bring more of your authentic soul through in order to find and live your life purpose, or if you are simply interested in living a more peaceful and fulfilling, meaningful life.


I have particular experience of the challenges and coping strategies of being in this world as an empath or highly-sensitive soul and I also have experience of living with and moving through depression, on which I tend to take a spiritually awakening/soul-growth perspective, balanced of course with the practical, material needs of looking after our physical body (the brain/mind being a part of this). I also resonate a lot with the 'starseed' way of looking at things - i.e. there are some of us who just have a 'knowing' that we have lived lives on other planets and are here to learn about human life and love and share our own wisdom from elsewhere, and the inherent challenges that come with this, such as a feeling of not-belonging, fear of accepting this about ourselves due to social rejection etc. As such, I am very happy to work with those drawn to work with me on this basis, to help you step into your power by integrating this knowing into your life.


£50 per hour, in person or via zoom.


Please note that I prefer to work with people over a number of sessions, as a 'potency' builds the longer we work together, and so that we have time to move through blockages properly, looking at how they manifest at all the different layers of your being. However, one-off sessions can sometimes be all that's needed too, to give you a fresh perspective and a plan to move forward with. We can chat about the best plan for you when you first get in touch.