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After having been drawn to reiki for some time, I took the plunge in 2014 and had a series of reiki treatments from Sally Pickard, an experienced reiki master of Usui Shiki Ryoho (Usui system of natural healing) in Warwick. The sessions were deeply relaxing and the positive results were profound - not only did it help physically (for example I burnt my leg badly that summer, and the doctors couldn't believe how well and quickly it healed), but I also found it helped me on an emotional level, allowing me to let go of some tiresome old demons. In order to keep on treating myself on my travels, and to introduce others to this wonderful, gentle form of healing, I took my first degree training with Sally in October 2014 and my second degree, also with Sally, in 2016 and have been providing reiki treatments to the public since then. Following a number of years studying shamanic healing practices and ancient earth-based wisdom, I have also branched out into my own, separate mode of intuitive hands-on energy healing, which often involves the complementary use of crystals and occasionally my voice too.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a simple and natural form of hands-on healing, brought across to the west from Japan in 1938. Reiki roughly translates as 'universal energy', also called 'Ki', 'Chi' or 'Prana' in other traditions. We are simply directing this energy, which is omnipresent and infinite, for specific healing. Suitable for everyone, it addresses mind, body and spirit and the healing always goes to where it is truly needed. Reiki takes you back to your true self.

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The treatment is given on a massage table (or in a chair if that's preferred) and you remain fully clothed throughout. The hands are laid gently on the body in various non-intrusive positions and each position is held for at least five minutes. This way, the whole body is covered by the reiki, which will always go to where it's most needed anyway.

The treatment takes one hour and costs £40. For your first session with me, please allow 90 minutes so that we can have an in-depth consultation about your current state of well-being before the treatment and a concluding/integration chat afterwards. The cost of the initial 90 minute session is £50. If you wish to make time for these periods of discussion in subsequent sessions, the 90 minutes will be charged at £60.

Intuitive Energy Healing

The treatment is given in the same way as reiki, on a massage table or chair, and you remain fully clothed throughout. However, in this session I allow my hands to go where they are intiuitively drawn to be, although, again, only in non-obtrusive positions. Sometimes I may be guided to do other things too, such as gently massage or stretch certain areas of the body, or work in your energy/auric field rather than placing my hands on your body, or ask you to take some deep breaths. I may also use crystals alongside the hands-on energy work and occasionally might be guided to use my voice for sound healing. Really, it's hard to say what might happen, but it will be intuitively guided, deeply healing and almost always relaxing (occasionally a treatment can cause slight emotional, physical or mental discomfort due to resistance, but this will pass). Before and after the session we will make time for a discussion, and I may well share messages and intuitive insights that came through to me during the treatment (I write these down as they come to me so I don't forget), or I may speak these aloud as we go if I feel guided to do so. I may also give you 'homework' to do, such as a simple ritual, practice or ceremony to be carried out over a set period of time. Please note that the main influence for offering this type of healing work has emerged through my studies of shamanic-based healing practices over the last few years plus a growing appreciation and acceptance of my unique personal healing gifts and style.

The treatment takes 90 minutes and costs £60.

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